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  • Download Mudlet - Free, popular mud client for Windows, Mac, Linux and Ubuntu. Connect to tempusmud.com port: 2020
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  • Download Zmud 3.62 - Free, older version of the popular pay versions of Zmud & Cmud. Connect to tempusmud.com port: 2020
  • Download TinTin /aka tt++ – Free mud client for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Connect to tempusmud.com port: 2020


  • Windows: Right click on Start, select Run , then type “telnet tempusmud.com 2020″
  • Mac: Click ⌘+Space, type “terminal”, and, when prompted, type: “telnet tempusmud.com 2020″
  • Linux: Load a terminal and in the prompt type: “telnet tempusmud.com 2020″


  • Windows: Load RCMUDClient from the marketplace, and add host “tempusmud.com”, port “2020”
  • iPhone:      Load MUDRammer and add host “tempusmud.com”, port “2020”
  • Android:    Load Blowtorch and add host “tempusmud.com”, port “2020”

“Imagine you exist in a world where time has begun to collide, where past meets the future, and neither will be the same again.“

Be the hero of the story

In operation since 1995, Tempus was conceived as an alternate reality in which the distinction between different time frames are being blurred by the activities of powerful time-travellers

The high mages of the past, delving deeper into the realm of the arcane, find new lore in the art of time shifting. The disciples of the greater gods and goddess, after a lifetime of attaining a closer relation with divinity, are shown the infinite realm of time. In another era, the scientists and technologists that rule the civilized world relentlessly pursue the fleeting prize known as energy. They uncover the secret of time, allowing them to build great machines to send them through a new temporal dimension. These figures inevitably meet and begin to engineer the nature of reality to their own ends. Populations across the timeline notice subtle shifts as strange visitors begin to appear bearing unknown powers. As the flow of time swirls together, you enter Tempus.

Medieval Fantasy

The past plane exists at the height of ancient magic in the medieval era. Swords, sorcery and religions clash as knights, sorcerers and clerics shape a diverse feudal society.

Cyberpunk Future

In the future, science reigns supreme as mercenaries, physicists, and cyborgs seek modern existence in the crowded cities, while survivalists seek new havens to escape the blasted surface.

Outer & Inner Planes

Home to powers both fiendish and divine, the Outer & Inner Planes unite dangerous souls with a great ring of brutal elements, energies, and other-worldly creatures.


free to play
welcoming players
 new tutorial
 fantasy &  cyberpunk themes
time travel between worlds 
gigantic realm
interactive npcs
custom codebase
dual-class characters
extended race selection
extended class selection
role-playing encouraged
clan conflicts
restricted player-killing
reputation system
different religions
cybernetic implants
magical tattoos
immortal-run quests
player housing
player-written manual
driveable vehicles
and much, much more
Drunken Dwarves0%
Megalomaniacal scientists engineering planetary destruction (with crumpets)0%
Undiscovered Treasure begging to be plundered0%
  • Gods and Goddesses

  • Cyberpunk

  • Medieval Fantasy



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